May 13

Play VS Pay?


Play or Pay?!

If you had to pick only one, which one is more important to you?

Play: getting as many people to play (listen) to your single / song. Simply referring to the number of times your work is heard – potentially getting your name / work out there and worry less about money.


Pay: making a sale of your single / song. Only referring to a specific value / dollar amount of a single / song – potentially building up / increasing revenue and worry less about how many times your single / song is played.

It’s a jungle out there with so much great talent competing to make both happen.

For many of us we are stuck picking (or forced to pick) – which one is more important to you?

For me, I pick PLAY. I personally think that over time the “PAY” will kick in eventually making both happen together.

What are your thoughts?


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