February 14

DistroKid Fails


Stay away from DistroKid! Here is my personal experience.

I had joined DistroKid several years back when I was producing for boyMONROE and they had done a descent job getting boyMONROE music on other music platforms and so forth.

Working with that good momentum I decided to give them a try and promote / publish my own music through DistroKid and thats when things went downhill very fast. I kept getting notifications from fans that they could not find my music on: Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. I did some digging and learned that the links produced by / through DistroKid to the music platforms did not tie up with my artist name. I had a frustrating time with Spotify trying to claim my artist name to the songs I posted and my name was displayed unnecessarily multiple times adding to the confusion and frustration. With my frustration I reached out to DistroKid, I mean, after all I did pay them upfront for their services and support, so I should be welcomed to reach them for support.

I GOT NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I tried several more times via email and via Instagram and still no response. Left frustrated and angry I began to do my research in other providers / distributors. My research still continues but I had no choice but to pull all my music from the online stores and start all over again.

See screenshots of my attempt to get some help:

For a company formidable and very well known, it is sad that DistroKid has chosen to FAIL ME in my time of need.


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